Monday, July 1, 2013

Movie Night Birthday Party

Macey's 10th Movie Night Party

The Movie Night Party has grown to be one our Favorites Parties to have!  Every Party we have the our standard decorations.  Always a Movie Poster, a Concession Stand, Blow Up Movie Screen, Outdoor Inflatable Movie Screen, 12'

I have included pictures for you to see!  Hope you have a wonderful Movie Night Party some time!

Movie Poster

Concession Stand

Blow Up Movie Screen

Favor Buckets: Super Simple.  We Made a Bucket List 
(which is on a Previous Blog Post).  Rolled that up and tied it
and put some easy things that were on the Summer Bucket List.
Bubbles, Crossword Puzzle, Tic Tac Toe Sheet, etc.

Macey Being Cute!


Game: How Well Do you Know Macey? 
(I'll attach a copy at the end of this Blog)

Concession Stand: Totally Easy! Hot Dogs, Chips, $1 Candies,
popcorn from smart and Final, salted peanuts,
small soda's and waters!  The local Movie Theater
gave us the concession boxes for Free!

Movie Time

Kid's Getting their Snacks!  White Solo Cups with Popcorn
Label glued on!

Movie Time

How well do you know Macey?

1. How old is Macey turning?____________________________________

2. When is Macey’s birthday_____________________________________

3. What is Macey’s middle name?________________________________

4.  What is her favorite color?_____________________________________

5.  What is her favorite movie?_____________________________________

6. What is her favorite animal?___________________________________

7. What is her favorite restaurant?_______________________________

8. How much does she weigh now?_________________________________

9. How much did she weigh at birth?______________________________

10. How tall is she now?___________________________________________

11. How tall was she at birth?______________________________________

12. What time was she born?_______________________________________

13. What is her favorite ice cream?_________________________________

14. How many pets does she have?_________________________________

15. What is her favorite song?_____________________________________

16. What is her favorite disney princess?__________________________

17. What is her nickname?________________________________________

18.  Who is her favorite teacher?____________________________________

19.  What is her favorite subject in school?__________________________

20. What is her favorite number?___________________________________

Rainbow Tie Dye Birthday Party

For my daughter Makenna’s 9th Birthday party she wanted to have a 
Rainbow Tie Dye Party!
Here’s what we did from games, to favors, to decorations and food.

Flower Cookie Cake

Tie Dye Favor Bags: Brush, 
Clip on Hair Extension,
& Nail Polish

Decorations for the Hair Extension Station
Nail Polish Station

Jelly Belly Guessing Game

Finger Nail Painting Station

Hair Extension Station

My Hair Extension!

Blind Food Challenge Game

Food Challenge

Food Challenge

It was a fun birthday party!  I have attached the Jelly Belly Guessing Game Sheet!  Hope these ideas inspire you for your next party! 

Guessing Game

Who ever is closest to the actual number of Jelly Belly’s in this jar will be the winner and get to take the Jelly Belly’s home.  If there is a tie, the winners will split the Jelly Belly’s.

Name Guess

_______________________________ _______________

_______________________________ _______________

_______________________________ _______________

_______________________________ _______________

_______________________________ _______________

_______________________________ _______________

_______________________________ _______________

_______________________________ _______________

_______________________________ _______________

_______________________________ _______________

_______________________________ _______________

_______________________________ _______________

Beach Birthday Party

We have had several Beach Parties throughout the years,  Here are some of my ideas on games, favors, decorations and food.  Hope you enjoy. 

This is our Local Community Beach Club

This is a fun Game we play,  I fill the bucket with clear glass marbles / rocks, 
then I add a few Blue marbles / rocks.  If you pick out a blue one
you win a prize.  The water is filled with Ice Cubes!
Such a fun game in the heat!

Water Balloon Toss

Party Favor: Sand Pails

BBQ: Hot Dogs, Grapes, Cantaloupe, Cheese Puffs,
Popsicles, and Cup Cakes!

Krispy Kreme Birthday Party

When My Daughter Macey turned 7years old, she wanted a Birthday Party at Krispy Kreme Doughnut Shop.  It was such a fun party, totally easy too.  The kids were able to decorate a doughnut hot off the press and then Macey had a Doughnut cake, the party guests got Krispy Kreme hats, activity mats, and an icee.  I have included some pictures for you!